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A Message from Hitler to Roosevelt
The Foreign Minister to the Consulate General at New York - A Message from Hitler to Roosevelt
Source: Documents on German Foreign Policy , series C vol.II p.611.
Telegram Confidential

BERLIN, March 14, 1934 - 10:55 a.m. No. 18 of March 14 zu III A 877 I.
For the Consul General personally. Please communicate the following orally, accompanied by a short note, to Ambassador Dodd, who will be arriving there shortly on the Manhattan : The Reich Chancellor requests Mr. Dodd to present his greetings to President Roosevelt. He congratulates the President upon his heroic effort in the interest of the American People. The President's successful struggle against economic distress is being followed by the entire German People with interest and admiration. The Reich Chancellor is in accord with the President that the virtues of sense of duty, readiness for sacrifice, and discipline must be the supreme rule of the whole Nation. This moral demand, which the President is addressing to every single citizen, is also the quintessence of German philosophy of the State, expressed in its motto "The public weal before private gain."

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