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Into That Dark Night
Return to Life
The Monsters Game
Enchanted Landscapes
Casale Monferrato Jewish Museal Complex
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The Israel Judicial System 100 Years of Zionism Jerusalem International YMCA
Italian Jewish Art Museum
History of The Holocaust
The Jewish Year
History of the Jews of England
Sasson Ancient Art Gallery
Children of the World Illustrate the Bible
From the Cradle to the Grave
YMP International
CdO Network - Jerusalem
The Alkow Collection
The Sabinsky Press Artist Book
Formed in 1989, Icons Ltd. is among the pioneers of interactive multimedia and digital imaging in Israel.

The company is based round a core of professionals with a variety of creative talents, but a common commitment:
that of utilizing the most advanced technologies and communication techniques in the transmission of cultural values and educational ideals.

Icons Ltd. maintains a qualitative position in the museum, education and training fields.
Its achievements have been awarded several prizes and recognitions, both in Israel and abroad.

Icons portfolio includes major clients in Israel, Europe and USA.

Icons' site hosts also "The Gallery".
The "Gallery" presents selected exhibitions of guest artists from the digital and the traditional art fields.